Perm and Relaxer


Loose curls and waves have found their way back to the fashion scene. And so style savvy women then flock to salons to get perms.

Hair Soul has the best stylists for permanent waves. This treatment does not give tight, kinky curls. Instead, it gives texture and volume to a limp and dull hair. With perms, you can don stunning loose waves or corkscrew curls to keep up with the trends.

What exactly is a perm?

Permanent waving is popularly dubbed as “perm.” It works as it reconstructs the hair shaft through an in induced chemical action caused by a chemical solution. This formula can soften the inner structure of the hair, allowing it to “mold” after the curling rods. As such, smaller rods result to having tighter perms.

When you’re aiming for large waves, you should ask the stylist to use larger curling rods. This can give a bigger body wave.

But whichever style you prefer, the hair style experts at Hair Soul salon inCalgary,Albertacan create the look that you are rooting for.

Perm FAQs

What hair type is ideal for perm?

Ideally, your hair should be minimally colored before getting perms. Clients who have highlights may achieve better results than those with fully-colored hair.

How can you prepare your hair for perm?

It is best to use a protein conditioning treatment and your regular conditioner after shampooing. But be sure to AVOID deep conditioning for at least 24 hours before the perm. Otherwise, your hair may not completely absorb the treatment.

How long does it take to get a perm?

The process usually takes an hour or two, depending on how long the client’s hair is. It is important to note that perm treatment entails at least 28 hours to settle. You may not see its full effect until after this period.

What type of perm is perfect for you?

We recommend you to bring a photo of the perm you are aiming for. You can lay out your specific penchants during your consultation with the stylist. Our team of experts can also give you recommendations and walk you through decisions for you to get the best look.

How long will the perm last?

It usually takes about 3 to 5 months before the perm straightens back. After this period, you are required to re-visit our salon and get a re-perm for your roots. This would make them match the rest of your hair.

What can you do to take care of a perm?

The best tip is to only use shampoos that are ammonium-based.

Hair Relaxing

Relaxing is ideal for clients who are encountering problems in controlling their hair. If you have dry, unmanageable mane because of too much wave or body, relaxer can leave your hair silky straight.

Hair Soul’s Promise

Hair Soul has a pool of trained and professional staff who can demonstrate different levels of expertise. The cost of our services varies depending on the skills of stylists and specific demands of clients. But while our level 2 services are slightly cheaper, we promise a notable quality of styling.

Cost of Services

Basic Perm                               $95 and up

SpiralPerm                              $135-195

Relaxer                         $250- and up

Straightener                              $250- and up