Hair Cut and Hair Styling

Finding the right hair cut can be tricky. It matters to have the right style, saying goodbye to your old look can be an emotional experience.

Worry not. Our highly-trained salon stylist can recommend the perfect haircut and style for you. During the consultation, our stylists can lay out suggestions and give advices on the style that’s most fitting to your looks and lifestyle. They can deliver guaranteed satisfaction whether you are aiming for a complete makeover or a fresh style for the season.

Our stylists can deal with any hair type, facial shape, and specific demands. Our clients are attended to by specialists who can do all sorts of style from razor cuts to bobs. Rest assured that we have a stylist who’s right for you.

Hair Soul has been hailed as the best Salon in Calgary, Alberta. We have a long line of awards and recognition from several magazines and beauty companies.

Hair Soul’s Promise

Hair Soul’s salon staff is trained and professional. Our pool of highly talented stylists attended various seminars and trainings. They are skilled in advanced cutting, styling, and hair coloring techniques. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

The cost of our services depends on the level of expertise you demand. We also set a special price for customized requests.