Highlights and Lowlights

If your hair is looking dull, flat and lifeless, Hair Soul has just the right solution for you. Scratch off the flat, single-toned hair shade that became a hit some decades ago. Our stylist can give you amazing highlights for the hottest hair fashion these days.

Visit our salon in Calgary, Alberta and be in for a transformation that give you a fresh new look that matches not only the current trends, but also your personality and lifestyle.


Hair Highlights FAQs

How does highlight differ from lowlight?

True to their names, highlights can brighten and lighten your locks. Lowlight, on the other hand, is a treatment that can give your hair a deeper and richer color. For instance, gold and honey tones are usually recommended for blondes who are getting a highlight treatment. A darker shade of red and brown, alternatively, is suggested when they want to get lowlights.

Our stylists often use two to three tones to distribute the color evenly. This would give our hair a lush and textured effect. We refrain from placing too many tones as this would blur the contrast of the shades thus resulting to a muddly-looking and unnatural hair.

Is highlight or lowlight the best choice for you?

The good news is, any hair type and length can be good for highlighting or lowlighting. The treatment can be applied to any natural hair color. Clients may go up to three to four shades lighter or darker for a newer look.


Hair Soul’s Promise

Hair Soul has a pool of trained and professional staff who can demonstrate different levels of expertise. The cost of our services varies depending on the skills of stylists and specific demands of clients. But while our level 2 services are slightly cheaper, we promise a notable quality of styling. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.


Cost of Services

Short Length $100-110

Medium Length $115-130

Long Length $120-145

Additional Tones $10