Hair Color

Hair Color

Lightening or deepening the tone of your hair color could be the fastest way to a stunning transformation. It can add some spice to your current hairstyle and dramatically change the way you look. Hair coloring is also the fastest way to conceal grey hair.

Hair Soul located in Calgary, Alberta is known to be among the best when it comes to hair color. Our team of experts can fine tune your locks and turn them into shiny, rich-toned mane. We have received many well-deserved awards, and we are soon to be the recipient of your approval.

Hair Coloring Services We Offer


Semi-permanent hair color is also dubbed as “washes” and “stains.” This is because it will eventually fade as you wash your hair, thus leaving no re-growth problems.

We recommend this to customers who want to give a deeper tone to white or light hair. It can last up to 2 to 6 weeks. The good news is semi-permanent hair color can be placed over an existing hair color treatment. It can boost up the shades as it gives your hair natural-looking highlights or low-lights.

Semi-permanent hair coloring can also be used to “retouch” a permanent color treatment. It adds luster to the hair and keeps it away from looking dry.


Demi-Permanent hair color can last longer than semi-permanent. The tone is retained up to 28 shampoos. This is ideally given to customers after receiving a chemical service. It can also be used to retouch a faded tone, match an existing color, or add shade to a newly relaxed hair.


As its name suggests, this treatment cannot be washed out. Our permanent color formula can alter the natural color of your hair, as the end result comes from the fusion of pigment from the chemical and the original color of your hair.

Once you decide to have a permanent hair coloring service, our expert hair colorist will walk you through decisions to help you pick from a wide range of tones. Just prepare yourself for up to 6 weeks of maintenance for the new hair growth.

Hair Coloring Options

Hair Soul’s available hair coloring shades are classified into “warm” and “cool.” To ensure that our customers would get the right color for their look, we hold consultations before applying the treatment. “Warm” people have golden or reddish-toned eye color, complexion and natural hair. The “cool” ones, on the other hand, come with bluish eyes and complexion. Their hair should not have any hint of gold or blonde.

Indeed, distinguishing the warm from the cool people can be tricky especially when our customer have features from both classifications. But our stylists are skilled and experienced enough to determine the right style for you.

Hair Soul’s Promise

Hair Soul’s salon staff is trained and professional. Our pool of highly talented stylists attended various seminars and trainings. They are skilled in advanced cutting, styling, and hair coloring techniques. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

The cost of our services depends on the level of expertise you demand. We also set a special price for customized requests.

Basic Hair Color $50 and up

Double Process Color $ 80 and up


Short (to chin) $75-125

Medium (above shoulders) $85-135

Long (below shoulders) $95-145


Corrective color By Consultation